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Rukawa Kaedes Page

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Rukawas profile.....:


Name: Rukawa Kaede                                                                      
Number:  11
Height(cm):  187
Weight(kg):  72
Grade:  1
Class:   10
Birthday:  01/01
Junior High: Tomigaoka
Shoe brand: Nike-Air Jordan
Position: Small Forwad
Nickname: fox, Super Rookie
Most notable saying: "idiot"
Appearance: popular among girl
Persnality: cool
Additional Info: Rukawa playes the offical rival character for Sakuragi Hanamichi through out the whole series. Whatever frome appearance or raw skill, Rukawa's definitely the perfect idol to look up to (extra info: the fan club for Rukawa consists of  three feamales who attend nearly evrey game Rukawa's in) . Althoug he's very ignorant of his surroundings and seems to stand alon from the rest of the team members on numerous occasions, Rukawa becomes the idial player many seek to be.
Rukawa wants to go to America to play basketball. But Anzai coach dose not agree on the idea and suggested Rukawa to train harder in Japan and become the#1 basketball player in Japan first! 
((I take this profile from anime Slam Dunk ))


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