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Rukawa Kaedes Page

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Here are some fantastic SD quizzes


I'm Rukawas Best Mate
How Much You Love Rukawa?( I made this quiz by myself!!)

I'm Mitsui!!!
Which Slam Dunk Character You Are?

Rukawa is mine!!!
Which Slam Dunk Boy Is Your Match?

I'm Forward!!!
What SD position suits you best?

I belong to shohoku!!!
which SD team do you belong to?

You're an AVID FAN
You're an AVID FAN.

What kind of Slam Dunk fan are you?
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Do you know your Slam Dunk trivia?

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You are a cold, don't-care-less person that is
oblivious to your surroundings. You don't fight
or talk unless needed, and you usually don't
give a damn about what's going on. You are
always deep in thought or sleeping, but
actually you are lonely and feel left out. You
may seem cold exteriorly, but someone has
struck the right chord in your soul, and you're
starting to warm up... You are - Rukawa Kaede -

Who Are You In The Tower And Faye Mitsui Dante's Saiyuki-Slam Dunk Role Play Fic?
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