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Rukawa Kaedes Page

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About me

Wanna know more About me?


Well most of the visitors are my friends and they know me well.
But for the new visitors who wanna know more about me, here are something
You can call me Joe my official nickname, I'm 19 in my second year in collage.I'm studying medicin.
I love animals espcially cats >^.^<
hobbies: drawing, reading and of course Anime!! I love collecting things about my favorite anime too.
I made this site for my favorite guy in tne anime world Rukawa so I can share what I have with his fans on the web. so if you are a fan too, keep coming to my site and send me yours so I can visit it! 
I write fanfictions also and I'll put some in the site as soon as possiable!
anything more you wanna ask me about? send me a note on my email. 

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